History of Houses

I love you but New Orleans was sad

History of Houses is an autobiographical photo book that was released on Feb 20th, 2016 at Murmur.  The book is an accumulation of images that resulted from a project in which I used low-grade film cameras to document my life, initially as an impulsive reaction against current modern-revival and formalist trends in contemporary photography. I chose to present the resulting images in the format of a book so that they can be read intimately and as a whole narrative.

Here is a statement about the project:

I see parallels between the death of film and the fragilities and uncertainties of human bodies, human relationships, and human experiences. Both contain subtleties, nostalgia, absurdity, and intimacy. The accumulation of these images is a personal record of these themes as they emerged within my own life conveyed through an embrace of the materiality of my film. During the time of my engagement in documenting my life in this manner, I suddenly experienced a devastating end to a relationship with another person who I had thought I would spend the rest of my life with. In many ways, this project also began to manifest as a documentation and exploration of the grief, loss, and strangeness that I experienced from that occurrence. I consider this project as a whole to be viscerally autobiographical in nature.

To order a copy of the book contact art.hannahelizabeth@gmail.com. It is available for pay what you can donation.

Link to pdf of the book: